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All across the fruited plain there are singles, couples, and families who spend all year on the road while living in an RV or camper. They move from one campsite to the next, gathering with other like-minded travelers to enjoy the companionship and the spectacular sights and sounds of nature. That's all well and good, but here's an interesting question to ponder: could you live in a tent year-round?It is one thing to travel the country with the comfort of an RV or trailer to depend on. It is another thing to live in a tent that lacks all the modern comforts of home. Tent camping requires cooki..
We are thrilled every time we learn of a customer buying a titanium or stainless steel camping stove for the first time. We remember what it was like to learn how to cook with a camping stove ourselves, so it's great to know that others want to find out how to do it as well. There is something uniquely satisfying about knowing you can go into the woods to camp without having to carry a cumbersome propane stove or settle for cold food.Each of our camping stoves is designed to be lightweight and collapsible for easy carrying. As such, using one of our stoves takes a little practice. We recommend..
Traveling or hiking in the wild can often bring a unique set of challenges. Having a dependable survival stove can help you be prepared for whatever the circumstances may bring! The EmberLit stove is simple, robust, and most importantly – easy to use. It is incredibly efficient to use wherever you are, as it doesn’t require any batteries, gas, or various other materials. All you need to make yourself a hot meal are twigs and scrap wood – something you can find almost anywhere. We also made the EmberLit stove simple to set up and efficient to utilize. Its unique build and design hold fu..
It is time to try some new equipment for your next camping trip! Today, the classic symbol of camping and other outdoor activities is a big, glowing campfire. However, sometimes it can be difficult, if you don’t have the right technique, to build a decent, lasting fire. We have the answer! Our Emberlit Strike-A-Light, constituting of flint and steel, has all you need to create the perfect fire for cooking, warmth, or just some fun!Unique Steel StrikersYou will love our wide variety of uniquely designed steel strikers, giving your outdoor experience a new, fun spin. Because we care ab..
If you are someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, you will not want to miss our Emberlit wood burning stoves! Have you wanted to try a rocket stove? Rocket stoves are wood burning objects meant for outdoor activities either to cook food or produce heat. Rocket stoves can be useful in some cases, when you are planning on staying in one place for a long period of time, but when it comes to backpacking and hiking, you want a light weight pack to take along with you. Rocket stoves can be heavy and inconvenient, which is why we suggest purchasing a mini rocket stove, in other words, a b..
When backpacking over long trails and distances, you want as little weight on your back as possible. If you can go without something or if you can get an item that is lighter than the average, it is a good idea to take that item along. Making sure that you have the revisions necessary for survival is the most important thing you can do for your backpacking trip. One necessity for your trip is a way to make your food. As you are hiking and become famished, how are you going to give yourself the nourishment you need to continue your journey? Emberlit is introducing their lightweight st..
Planning a backpacking trip anytime soon? When preparing for a backpacking trip, large or small, it is important to read up and get the necessary supplies for the journey. Deciding how you will sleep and how you will cook your food is crucial to a successful backpacking experience.One helpful product to have in your backpack is a wood burning backpacking stove. These stoves come in different sizes, weights, and materials. Because of the cold weather up ahead, you’ll want to make sure you have this handy contraption in your collection of survival toolsBenefits of a Wood Burning Backpacki..
Emberlit's premiere backpacking stove, the Emberlit FireAnt, has many additional benefits that extend it's uses--even under often difficult situations. If you have never read about the Emberlit FireAnt multi fuel backpacking stove then it is invaluable to note that its weight is under 3 ounces; it's made of pure, but thin, titanium (while other models do come in other materials, such as stainless steel). Its four-panel system comes together quickly and folds flat for easy camping and backpacking transportation. When folded, the Emberlit is only an eighth of an inch in thickness. The Emberlit c..
Best Multi Fuel Stoves on the Market The cold weather is here. And that means exciting campingexperiences for those outdoor-lovers out there. Here at Emberlit, we provide you with the best multifuel stoves on the market. Our top quality stoves are durable, easy to use, andcreate effective results. Why Emberlit? You might ask Why Emberlit’s multi fuel stoves are the beston the market today. Mikhail Merkurieff, the founder of Emberlit and theinventor of the Emberlit Stove, is passionate about creating the mostconvenient experience for explorers looking for a memorable outdoor expe..
Emberlit has been focused on delivering the most versatile, light, compact, easily transportable, and sturdy backpacking stove for years now. The founder comes from an extensive history with the outdoors, and has been perfecting his designs ever since he could pick up a wrench. His Emberlit backpacking stoves have been forged to perfection, providing simple and elegant designs to take the stress out of conventional backpacking stoves. The Emberlit backpacking stoves take advantage of scrap wood and small twigs around you. It takes very little to get a fire stoked. It's never been easier to get..
To accompany your new FireAnt, or EmberLit starter kit, EmberLit offers an array of products to help you get that fire roaring to life. Each item is designed to assist in your lighting techniques. Although, some are just cool. Ever wanted a grill option for a small burning kit? EmberLit's thought of it all.Starting us off, the EmberLit Fire Starting Kit & Tools ($29.99) is the item to accompany your new EmberLit stove. The kit gives you the ability to start a fire, despite the harsh conditions you'll likely find on the trail. The starter kit includes a “hinged metal charcloth container,” c..
Choosing a multi-fueled, collapsible, nearly weightless rocket stove used to be a hard item to track down. Emberlit has changed that. By creating their Ultralight Backpacking stove, cooking out on the range is not only sensible, simple, easy to use, efficient, and cool, but will keep your energy up on those long expeditions. You can cook just about anything in mere minutes, using this Emberlit's unique design and the elements around you. This is the best backpacking stove since...ever.The Emberlit backpacking stove comes in four flavors: Starting with the petite-but-mighty Emberlit FireAn..
EmberLit was founded by Mikhail Merkurieff, an avid outdoorsman, and student of bushcraft survival skills. He was unimpressed by the lack useful, light, and compact fire kits on the market. He built, from scratch, the epitome of efficient camping cooking gear. The result was the EmberLit backpacking stove.Each model with easily hold the weight of any pan, pot, or kettle, securely, and without any wobbling. You get strength, support, reliability, and easy transportation, all in one. The FireAnt models are also made to be compatible with Trangia or Esbit burning units, for easy to use continual ..
We had just crossed over the Roanoke River gap, heading North with minimal gear: my backpacking stove, a light tent, and a light meal for my wife, our Black Lab, and myself. It was late in the evening, and the songbirds \"twee-ta-leets were dwindling. My wife set the tent, our Lab chased a game hen for good fun, as I set to prep our food with the backpacking stove.This was my favorite time. And I honed in on my task. We had just purchased an Emberlit FireAnt. This backpacking stove is made of stainless steel, only weighing 6.5 ounces. It collapses to a flat, and easily transportable plane. Alt..
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