3 Helpful Tips for Using Your Camping Stove

We are thrilled every time we learn of a customer buying a titanium or stainless steel camping stove for the first time. We remember what it was like to learn how to cook with a camping stove ourselves, so it's great to know that others want to find out how to do it as well. There is something uniquely satisfying about knowing you can go into the woods to camp without having to carry a cumbersome propane stove or settle for cold food.

Each of our camping stoves is designed to be lightweight and collapsible for easy carrying. As such, using one of our stoves takes a little practice. We recommend first-timers practice with their favorite recipes in the backyard before taking a camping stove into the wilderness for the first time.

Here are three helpful tips for your titanium or stainless steel camp stove:

Place Your Stove on a Rock

Your camping stove is going to get extremely hot while you are cooking. So while it's possible to put it directly on the ground, it's a better idea to find a relatively flat rock to set it on. Even if you have to use two or three rocks, you will still have more stability. What you are trying to avoid is the stove tipping over once you place your pot or pan on top, which is something that can easily happen if the stove is sitting on the ground. A tipped stove has to be righted quickly – which can be difficult if it's hot.

Your Fire Needs Air

Oxygen is an essential component in the combustion process. As such, the fire burning inside your camping stove needs air. How much air depends on the kind of fuel you are using, whether fuel is completely dry or slightly damp, and how strongly the wind is blowing that day.

The key to maintaining airflow is to regulate how much fuel you put inside the camping stove. Emberlit stoves allow for inserting fuel through the sides as your fire burns. You want to add just enough to keep the fire going but not so much that you are blocking air from moving through the stove.

It's Okay to Use Solid Fuel

The Emberlit FireAnt camping stove comes with a built-in shelf for easy use of solid fuels. Why did we design the FireAnt this way? Because it's okay to use solid fuel every now and again. Just because you prefer to cook using natural materials you find on the trail does not mean solid fuel is always out of the question.

For example, there are some mornings when you cannot locate tinder that isn't damp. Or you may find yourself having to cook while it's raining. And then there are those days when it is really cold, and you just want to get your fire started as quickly as possible. Using solid fuel under any such conditions does not make you a bad camper. It makes you a smart camper. There is no honor in working your tail off for hours only to fail to get a fire started.

Both the titanium and stainless steel camping stoves from Emberlit are your perfect companion for cooking at your campsite. All our stoves are lightweight, collapsible, and extremely easy to transport. They are the ideal cooking solutions that do not require you to carry large canisters of propane and heavy stoves.

Again, be sure to practice with your Emberlit camping stove before you take it out on the trail for the first time. A little practice will make you an expert in no time at all.

Posted by Steve Amundsen


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