The Multi-Fuel Capabilities For Your New Emberlit

Emberlit's premiere backpacking stove, the Emberlit FireAnt, has many additional benefits that extend it's uses--even under often difficult situations. If you have never read about the Emberlit FireAnt multi fuel backpacking stove then it is invaluable to note that its weight is under 3 ounces; it's made of pure, but thin, titanium (while other models do come in other materials, such as stainless steel). Its four-panel system comes together quickly and folds flat for easy camping and backpacking transportation. When folded, the Emberlit is only an eighth of an inch in thickness. The Emberlit comes with a lifetime warranty and will keep lighting fires for your next adventure for years to come.

The Emberlit could not make it any easier for its backpacking user: you assemble the EmberLit stove, place a combustible material inside, and create a spark. After that, you have a small, yet contained, roaring fire to cook any meal in the wilderness. Your transportable backpacking stove, or small pot, will also sit right on top of the Emberlit. The top of the Emberlit is designed to stabilize any sized pot on its head--within reason.

Where things get truly interesting is when any product provides you with alternative options for its already impressive baseline uses. The EmberLit is no different. If you have trouble starting your fire, or simply need more tools to get that fire kicking, Emberlit has many additional options for you. When trying to spark a fire, you can choose from many of their emergency fire-starting tools like the Fire Emergency Fire Starter, which provides an alternative ignition fuel from any spark, and is “all weather” compatible while also being water resistant. And what if you have a hard time getting that spark? Enter the Emberlit traditional flint and steel designs. While coming in a variety of shapes and designs, these traditional strikers are as reliable as they come. Strike these flint and steel pieces on rocks such as gypsum and chert, and show off your true woodsman skills, letting the sparks fly.

Backpacking is all about planning. And to plan well, you need contingency plans. If you think you may run into sour weather, consider EmberLit's alternative fueling options. The Trangia Spirit Burner is compatible with the EmberLit system right out of the box. Simply slide in the spirit burner, place your alcohol-based fuel inside, and strike. Instant fire. It could not be simpler and is a mighty big help when you are under threat of wind or rain. The Spirit Burner also allows you to control the temperature/burn rate, and its flame regulator nod can easily be folded away, keeping in tradition with their tuck-and-hide mentality. Your meals in the wilds of the Earth have never been able to come together so quickly. Conveniently, and easily.

Posted by Steve Amundsen


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