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Every outdoor enthusiast will eventually come to rely upon camping cooking gear. Outright necessary during week-long escapes, or handy when you\\\\\\\'re stuck in a bind. The cooking gear you choose to bring along can sometimes mean the difference between life and death—or simply a hearty meal to brighten your spirits.

EmberLit was founded by Mikhail Merkurieff, an avid outdoorsman, and student of bushcraft survival skills. He was unimpressed by the lack useful, light, and compact fire kits on the market. He built, from scratch, the epitome of efficient camping cooking gear. The result was the EmberLit backpacking stove.

The Emberlit stove takes camping cooking gear to the next level, by easily taking advantage of surrounding twigs and wood scraps, using very little of each to get the job done. Each variety (of which, there are 5: FireAnt Titanium Ultralight, Emberlit-UL, EmberLit Stainless Steel, FireAnd with Spirit Burner, and The Original light weight) comes with an incredibly “nearly weightless” design of less than 320g. Each unit collapses into a near-flat surface to easily tuck away in your pack or emergency kit.

Each model with easily hold the weight of any pan, pot, or kettle, securely, and without any wobbling. You get strength, support, reliability, and easy transportation, all in one. The FireAnt models are also made to be compatible with Trangia or Esbit burning units, for easy to use continual oil/gas burning. Each design give you the camping cooking gear you\\\\\\\'ve always imagined could be, yet never had. That is, until now. It\\\\\\\'s now possible: you can take small strips of wood, and utilize the EmberLit\\\\\\\'s unique design to make a large meal in the most efficient manner possible. No waste, no danger, only premium results.

Each EmberLit stove comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and is conceived, forged, and distributed right here in the United States. The EmberLit stove cooking gear is further expanded with a helpful tail of accessory products. The most notable of which is the EmberLit Strike-A-Light, traditional Flint, and steel, providing a spark for your tinders anywhere you are—a survivalist\\\\\\\'s must-have. Also sold are custom springs, a lightweight grilling platform, and the Spirit Burner, a “FireAntBrass ConstructionScrew” top with a sealed flame regulator for those sous chefs in the great outdoors.

Created with care by camping cook enthusiasts, produced for the every-man. Eating well is not simply a product of the modern world. With the right camping cooking gear, such as the Emberlit stove line, eating well for your continued health, or making a great time the best time, Emberlit will be your best outdoor tool you use.

Posted by Steve Amundsen


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