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    Cabuya Casting Handline

    Handline fishing is incredibly effective and is still used by millions of people around the world to feed themselves. The Cabuya Casting Handline  is a new approach to an old practice and offers a tremendous advantage over basic fishing components carried in most survival kits. It keeps your fishing line stored and tangle free but ready to cast and retrieve just like a rod and reel.

    The name “Cabuya” (ka Boo yah) comes from the Taino word for a thin line or string, often used for fishing. These lines, spun from natural fibers, were employed with hooks and lures made from bone and turtle shell to catch fish since time immemorial.

    Fishing with a handline is a direct connection to the fish. Without the buffer of rod and reel, every twitch and every strike is communicated directly to your hands. There is no mechanical drag between you and the fight. This is the bare knuckle boxing of fishing. This is FUN!

    Compact, rugged, and light weight, they are excellent for backpackers, pilots, paddlers, and children of all ages - even us older ones.

    Proudly Made in the USA with Lifetime Guarantee.