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    Cabuya Handline

    A New Approach to an Old Practice.  

    The name “Cabuya” (ka Boo yah) comes from the Taino word for a thin line or string, often used for fishing. These lines, spun from natural fibers, were employed with hooks and lures made from bone and turtle shell to catch fish since time immemorial.

                Cabuya Birch Wood

                      Cabuya Polymer

    Features of the Cabuya Casting Handline:  

    • Made from a durable high impact polymer, they are resistant to fuel, oil, sunshine, saltwater, and they even float.
    • Each handlines holds 150 yards of 8-20lb monofilament line and can be easily cast distances comparable to a rod and reel.
    • Each wrap eats up 10 inches of line, allowing you to retrieve fast enough to keep even heavy lures in play.
    • They are compact and lightweight, easily fitting into a pocket or pack.
    • Save time on the water. Pre-rig several handlines with different tackle setups.
    • Perfect for impromptu or survival fishing.
    • Made in the USA from the highest grade materials