Cabuya Casting Handlines

The name “Cabuya” (ka Boo yah) comes from the Taino word for a thin line or string used for fishing. These lines were employed with hooks and lures made from bone and turtle shell to catch fish. Handline fishing is that simple.

This method of fishing long predates any sort of rod and reel and still today feeds millions of people around the world. It is a direct connection to the fish. Without the buffer of rod and reel every twitch, every strike, is communicated directly to your hands. There is no mechanical drag between you and the fight. This is the bare knuckle boxing of fishing.

Cabuya Casting Handlines add a little convenience to this ancient practice by keeping one’s line neatly organized yet ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. The unique features of the Cabuya allows the line to strip off the end of the reel for long casts even with light lures. Not only are they super convenient for backpackers, pilots, paddlers, and survival fishing, Cabuya Casting Handlines are perfect for young children - even us older ones.

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