Emberlit Camp Stoves and Accessories

The Emberlit Camp Stove is our flagship product and it has set the bar for pack-flat wood burning camp stoves. This is the stove that launched Merkwares.

The unique side feed system allows the stove to burn long twigs and sticks. This steady supply of fuel provides a controlled and steady burn so you can focus on cooking rather than feeding the stove.  And because you do not have to break down the fuel to fit into the stove it takes literally a few seconds to gather enough to cook all your food and boil your water.


Its patented design is dead simple and easy to use. It burns clean by design without the need for fans or extra parts. It is strong enough to hold even the heaviest dutch oven yet packs away completely flat for storage.

Special Note: You'll notice that we have approximate weights for our stoves. This is because we have learned, painfully, that sometimes the stainless steel and titanium we use for our stoves can vary +- .003" and still remain in tolerance according to the mill. It is just a couple thousandths of a inch, but that is enough to affect the weight of the stove enough that it doesn't always reflect the exact weight on the packaging and may vary.

Support the Innovators

The Emberlit Stove is designed and manufactured here in the USA. It takes a lot of tooling to make an otherwise simple stove. But that hasn't stopped the Chinese counterfeits and clones from showing up. When you purchase an Original Emberlit Stove you are helping to keep the small American innovators and our manufacturers in business. In gratitude everything we make here at Merkwares has a Forever Happiness guarantee.

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