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    Before using your stove be sure to remove the protective plastic film on each panel.
    Also be aware that the stove may have sharp edges. Some fine grit sand paper or even the edge of a spoon works well to blunt any sharp edges.


    Setup Lighting Takedown


    Emberlit Tips And Tricks Vol 1

    Helpful Tips:


    1. Start a small fire inside the stove using twigs no thicker than a pencil.
    2. Once all the twigs are burning, begin feeding the stove with thumb-thick branches and fuel wood. Place as much fuel as will fit in the feed port, letting the excess lengths hang out. The fuel wood can be as long as you want, however, about the length of your forearm seems to be the most manageable.
    3. As the ends of the sticks are consumed, gently push them into the stove. If you are experiencing flare ups through the feed port, try using thicker fuel wood and keeping the feed port full.


    1. Extinguish your Emberlit by removing the remaining long sticks extending out from the stove and douse them with water or smother them with earth.
    2. Do not douse a hot stove with water. This may cause excessive warping.
    3. Leave the remaining coals and lit fuel inside the stove until they burn out on their own, this should only take a minute or so once the main fuel wood is removed.
    4. Check that any remaining coals are out and the stove is cool then scatter any remaining ashes.


    The first time you use it, the stove will discolor from heat. This is perfectly normal and in no way affects the function of the stove.

    Cooking over a wood fire will inevitably lead to a buildup of creosote and soot on your cookware. This isn’t really an issue, the creosote can actually aid in quick and even heating, but if you prefer bright, shiny cookware, simply apply some denatured or rubbing alcohol to dissolve the creosote then wash it away with soap and water.



    Getting optimum performance out of your stove will take some practice and patience. Certain woods will work better than others, so get to know your EmberLit stove and become familiar with its operation before heading out on a trip. As with any stove, use common sense when operating your EmberLit stove:

    • Slow down, take your time
    • Don’t leave the stove unattended
    • Don’t operate the stove inside a closed environment
    • Be sure that your fire is out and the ashes are cool when you clean out your stove. Even the tiniest of hot coals could spark a wild fire