Emberlit Flint and Steel - Tinder Box

This tinderbox does NOT include a Emberlit Flint and Steel Striker, that is sold separately. So be sure to pick out your favorite striker and add it to your shopping cart. 

The age old method of Flint and Steel can be very reliable however using Flint and Steel to start a fire requires some planning and practice.

This Tinder Box can be added to any of our strikers to make a complete fire kit.  It includes:

  • A sturdy tin in which to make  and store charcloth.
  • A chunk of stone for throwing sparks.
  • Enough charcloth to light many fires.
  • Jute twine to be stripped and fuzzed into a tinder nest.
  • A Fresnel lens if you wish to cheat when making a coal.
  • A convenient drawstring pouch to store it all.



Emberlit Flint and Steel - Tinder Box

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