The Pocket Super Shelter


The Pocket Super Shelter is an emergency cold weather shelter that traps radiant heat from a campfire to provide life saving warmth for the occupants.


  • 11oz including rigging and tent stakes
  • 2" x 6" x 6.5" when packed
  • 4' x 4' x 6' when set up
  • Made from durable Heatsheets (not mylar)
  • Designed in the USA and made with USA material.


 The primary concern in cold weather and wilderness survival is managing heat loss. Shelter from the elements means the difference between life and death.

But you don’t necessarily have to know how to build a snow cave or debris hut to be prepared. Carrying a Pocket Super Shelter with you can provide life saving protection.

The Pocket Super Shelter is unique in both function and construction. Not only does it provide protection from wind, rain, and snow it can be actively heated with a small camp fire providing critical warmth especially if you are wet or injured.

It works by trapping radiant heat emitted by a camp fire, the same way the sun warms a greenhouse. Even a small fire will warm the shelter tremendously.

During tests I spent the night in the shelter without a sleeping bag in temperatures that plummeted to -21F (that's me in the photo). So long as the fire was fed it was easy to keep the shelter near 60F.


Early Field Testing Freezing with Norseman North Winds Wilderness School



With few exceptions most of the emergency shelters available are made with cheap and fragile material. And while they can do a decent job of shielding you from the wind and rain, so can garbage bags.  Given the choice I’d choose a trash bag for their durability.

The Pocket Super Shelter is NOT made from PET film (Mylar®). Early prototypes made from so called "space blankets" were so incredibly fragile they were almost impossible to test with out immediately tearing.

The Pocket Super Shelter is made from Heatsheets proprietary Silver Lining™ Technology, based on radiant barrier science developed by NASA Engineers for the U.S. Space Program and will outlast any space blanket.


  • The reflective surface returns up to 90% of body’s radiant heat.

  • Heatsheets are made from a recyclable LDPE  plastic, which is a thicker, softer, quieter, and dramatically more durable than Mylar®.

  • Heatsheets are wind and water proof,  puncture-resistant and do not fracture or tear if the edges are nicked, as Mylar® blankets do.

The Pocket Super Shelter is an EMERGENCY shelter, intended to see one through a short term situation. Even so, it is made from the most effective material available for its weight and bulk.


The original Super Shelter was developed by wilderness living skills and survival instructor Mors Kochanski over 40 years ago and it is still the standard by which all other cold weather bushcraft shelters are measured.

The Pocket Super Shelter works by the same principles but comes in a tiny package and requires far less skill and time to set up and use. Now people who aren't as inclined to improvise a shelter from natural materials can still take advantage of this life saving technology.

The Pocket Super Shelter would not be if not for Mors' work in the field of wilderness living. He is a tremendous teacher and experienced woodsman.  If you'd like to learn how to make Mors Kochanski's original bushcraft Super Shelter I highly recommend his "Bushcraft Shelter" DVD.

If you'd like to add the Pocket Super Shelter to your gear and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an added layer of protection against the biting cold click the banner below.