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    Merk Merch

    Due to C-19 shirts are delayed 20-25 business days according to the people at Printful.

    I get some pretty silly ideas now again. Why not put them on shirts and other items? Each item has been personally illustrated by me and dipped in my scathing sense of humor. These are great gifts and conversation starters for us Bushcrafters, Survivalists, Preppers, Dirt Hippies, Flintknappers, Knife Makers, and Outdoor Nerds in general.  

    We are using a "Print On Demand" service. The usual shipping time is about a week and it will arrive separate from other items like stoves and fire strikers.  For this reason all shipping on printed merchandise is free.

    New designs will be a regular thing so check back often.

    If there is a size, color, style, or item that you don't see but would like to please don't hesitate to let me know, I can make it happen.

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